Sunshine Division


In 2012 The Barbers partnered up with the Portland Police Bureau’s Sunshine Division, a Food and Clothing Assistance Organization located in North Portland, with the idea of starting a food drive to help stock their pantry. In brainstorming the right food item to focus on, the board members at the organization quickly told us that their most sought after food item was a jar of peanut butter. The tasty and nutritious qualities of peanut butter makes it one of the most popular items in the Sunshine Division’s pantry and they were having a tough time keeping enough in stock. There began The Barbers’ first annual Peanut Butter Project. Every year since, from September 1st until October 15th you will find big collection barrels and stacks of peanut butter jars in all of our locations. During this time customers are given the opportunity to pay $1 in store and put a jar of peanut butter in the bin.

This is always a really fun way to give our clients and barbers a chance to give back to the community. And year after year they do just that, in a big way. Over the years we have collected nearly 100,000lbs of peanut butter, making our Peanut Butter Project the Sunshine Division’s biggest single item donation every year. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible in the previous years and we look forward to many more years of Peanut Butter success!

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