The Works

Price: $22.95   *All prices vary according to location

The best bang for your buck. In addition to your precision cut, enjoy a stimulating shampoo and scalp massage along with the hot lather neck shave. For only $22.95, you’ll feel like a new man!


Price: Starts at $30.00

Many customers at The Barbers are looking for that subtle blonde highlight. Our Barbers can consult with you to create a highlight look that will work perfect with your new haircut. Ask one of our Barbers for a consultation.

Men’s Haircut with Hot Lather Neck Shave

Price: $20.95

Our most popular item:  our hot lather neck shave.  For only two dollars extra, you can enjoy the precision and feel of having your neckline cleaned up, using our custom blend of hot lather with a razor for that extra special attention to detail!

Cammo Color

Price: $19.95 & up

Guys. Anyone out there in love with their gray? Of course not! Cammo color blends the gray away using a color developed specifically for men. Designed to last about 4 weeks, the result is a perfect blend of gray coverage, leaving your hair looking richer, deeper and irresistible! It fades naturally just in time for your next visit. Looking for a younger you? Our Cammo service is just the ticket!

Men’s Cut

Price: $18.95

The base price for our precision, barber style haircut. Trained barbers, intent on providing you with the absolute best barbershop experience around, will consult with you to create the exact look and style you are looking for. Topped off with our signature neck and shoulder massage.

Kid’s Cut

Price: $15.95

Bring your son in to enjoy our true barber shop experience! Come in together and leave looking and feeling great! Neck and shoulder massage included.
Ages 10 and younger.

Senior Citizens Haircuts

Price: $15.95

Men over 60 take advantage of this offer. You deserve it! Oh by the way, you’ll get the best haircut in town at a great price too!

Beard Trim

Price: $6.00

Come on in. We’ll clean ya up and make sure your beard is looking good, as it should!